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Mahavir Jayanti Information In English

Mahavir Jayanti Information In English, Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated to honour the birthday of Lord Mahavir, the founder of Jain religion. It is Celebrated on the 13th day of the bright half Chaitra month, which comes during March/April. Jainism has 24 religious Tirthankara or the lords to guide the devotees in the world. Thirthankars are born as humans. They are considered to be gods by the jain community. Mahavir is considered to be the 24th and the last Tirthankara and was known as jina.


Mahavir was born in 599 B.C. to Siddhartha of kundanpur and the Lichhavi princess trisala.Mahavir was fearless and always spoke truth. He was genuinely concerned about the welfare of people. At the age of thirty, prince Mahavir left his home and wandered seeking the truth about life and existence. He undertook penance to find knowledge.

The Digambara sect of jains believe that during and after enlightenment Mahavir wore no clothes. The Svetambara sect of Jainism Believe that after gaining enlightenment Mahavir wore no worldly materials or clothes. It was lord Indra who covered him with a white cloth afterwards. So the Digambara sadhus wear a pristine white cloth like shawl.

Mahavir preached ahinsa and shunned worldly possessions. He preached that all souls were alike and humans corrupted their souls on their own. He also believe god was omnipresent. Lord Mahavir also discouraged hoarding of excess wealth as it brings misery and strife. He preached the three Ratans, namely right conduct, right faith and right knowledge.

On Mahavir Jayanti the followers of Jainism visit the jain temples. Many devotees participate in the procession. Donations in the form of clothes, food and even medicines are distributed on this day. In India, Gujarat and Rajastan have a larger jain population, this festival holds more significance. However, it is celebrated by jains all over the world.

Mahavir Jayanti Information In English


Mahavir Jayanti Information In English
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Janmashtami Information In English

Janmashtami Information In English, Janmashtami is a festival celebrating the birth of lord Krishna. Janam means Birth and Ashtami means eight day. Janmashtami is celebrated on the eight day of the Krishna paksha in the month of Bhadrapad and it comes august/September. It is celebrated with great fervour and gaiety in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and other northern states.

Krishna temples all over the world celebrate this day with vibrant enthusiasm. Devotees observe a fast on this day. The temples are decorated on this occasion with tableau depicting scenes of krishna’s birth. An idol of Krishna in his bal or baby form is kept in a cradle and the devotees take turns pulling its string to rock the baby Krishna. On that day sweet meats prepared from milk and curd are eaten. Same day a game called dahi handi is played. A large clay pot filled with curd,milk,honey butter and fruits is hung at an inaccessible height and young boys come forward for reaching the hundi. They form a human pyramid by standing on each others. shoulders and don’t stop till they have reached the pot. When the human pyramid is being built, the others splash water trying to make the task of the climbers as difficult as possible.

History about Janmashtami

The eighth child of your sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva shall be responsible for your death. Warned a voice form the skies. The ruler of Mathura king kansa, was enraged. He was to be born to Devaki and Vasudeva as their son. Unfortunately, kansa was apprised of this by the voice in the sky. When the eighth child was born to Vasudeva and Devaki, the prison doors opened themselves and the guards fell into a deep sleep. The baby born on a rainy and windy night at the stroke of twelve. Suddenly, a voice from the skies boomed Vasudeva, carry this child across the river Yamuna to gokul where nanda lives. His wife yashoda has given birth to a baby girl just now. Replace your son with the girl and come back here. Vasudeva obeyed immediately.

After reaching gokul, Vasudeva explained the entire story to nanda and his wife yashoda. Vasudeva returned with the baby girl. Kansa hurriedly came to kill the baby girl. But the little baby girl slipped form his hand and was transformed into yogmaya, the Shakti or energy aspect of lord Vishnu. Meanwhile Devaki and vasudeva’s son grew up in nanda and yashoda’s home. He was called Krishna is the eight of the ten incarnations of lord vishna. When Krishna grew up he killed kansa, thus putting an and to his uncle’s evil rule.

Janmashtami Information In English
Janmashtami Information In English
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Navratri Information In English

Navratri And Durga Puja.

Navratri Information In English, Navratri are nine auspicious day which are celebrated as the day of Goddess Durga. This festival occurs twice a year, at the change from winter to summer in the spring and again at the change from summer to winter in the autumn. The autumn festival is celebrated from the first day to the ninth day of the bright half of Ashwin , September-October… while the spring festival is celebrated in Chaitra, April-May. The two navratri celebrations are known as Ram-navaratri in Chaitra and Durga navaratri in Ashwin. This is the time to worship goddess durga.

Why we celebrate navratri and worship goddess Durga? It si believed that on this day, Goddess Durga killed the demon mahishasura and rid the world of his evils. The Devas were unable to match his invincibility and Mahishasura managed to seize devaloka, so the devas came together and created durga from their combined energies. They wanted durga to take on the challenge of vanquishing mahishasura. Durga promised the gods the battle between mahishasura and durga went on for nine days. And finally durga trampled mahishasura to death.

Why we celebrate Navratri?
In Bengal, it is called durga puja. Day and night celebrations take place. Goddess durga’s images here depicts a valiant ten handed goddess siting on a lion and holding a trident and killing the demon mahishasura lying at her feet.

On the ninth day, the idols are transported out in a procession to be immersed in a river or pond. The making of the idols also has some rules. The rules being that whatever goes into the making of these idols should have come out of the river ganga. So the idols are shaped with the fine clay from the bed of the ganges. This river is revered and considered to be the giver of life especially in west Bengal. That is why after nine days these idols are immersed into a nearby river or osean.

Navratri is also celebrated as a festival of nine auspicious nights in Gujarat. The most important feature of the Gujarat navratri’s are the dances. The dandiya and the garba dance shapes the most important activity during this festival and it is performed with great gusto by both man and women.

The festival is thus celebrated in different parts of india under different names but the underlying thought is the same, worship of goddess durga.

Navratri Information In English
Navratri Information In English
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Ram Navami Festival Information In English

Ram Navami Festival Information In English, Ramnavami is a festival celebrated to honour the birth of Ram. It is celebrated on the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha in the Month of Chaitra – April. On Ramnavami, devotees do worship of Lord Ram and Sing devotional songs. People also observe a fast and only retain a light diet of fruit, milk and curds. Once you are purified from within, your devotion and worship to the divine will be more concentrated. The temples at home as well as outside are cleaned. Offering of flowers and sweetmeats aare made to the idols of Ram, his wife sita and brother Laxman. In Ayodhya, the birth place of Ram, it is celebrated with a special joy.

Short story of King Dashrath and Ram

King Dashrat was childless and his kingdom of Ayodhya was at a height of prosperity but there were no heirs to inherit it. He had three wives, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra but no children.

In another side the king of Lanka Ravan was terrorizing his subjects. Ravan had taken a boon from Brahma. The boon said that Raavan could never be killed by any heavenly being, may it be gods or demons. Brahma declared Ravan would be killed at the hands of man. The Gods who Ravan was troubling begged Vishnu to take charge and destroy Ravan. Vishnu agreed and decided to take birth as a human on earth. King Dashrath performed a yagna in order to seek the blessing of the Gods, for a son. He gave a bowl of kheer to the king and asked him to distribute it amongst his queens. After the queens consumed the kheer, in due course of time, a son was born to king dashrath and queen kaushalya. His son was called Ram and is supposed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Yes, Lord Vishnu came to earth born as Ram. He was righteous, fair, virtuous and pure. Ram fulfilled his destiny with ease and killed Ravan, thus ridding the world of terror and fear.

Ram Navami Festival Information In English
Ram Navami Festival Information In English
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Rath Yatra | Jagannath Festival In English

Rath Yatra | Jagannath Festival In English, This festival is celebrated especially in the state of Orissa in the month of Aashadh June/July. Even though this festival is celebrated in other places too, the main Rath Yatra takes place in the holy town or puri at orrisa. Imagine a chariot which is made of neem wood, is yellow colour and 14 metre high with 16 wheels. Each wheel measures seven feet in diameter and the chariot is pulled by 4200 devotees. Rath yatra indicates a Chariot ride. The event is in honour of Lord Jagannath, another name of Lord Krishna. The magnificent Jagannath temple in Puri Celebrates the Rath or chariot Yatra or journey with pageantry and festive mood. A procession inaugurates at the Jagannath Temple annually aroung the months of June and July.

Why we celebrate Rath Yatra?

What is the origin of the Rath Yatra? No one really knows. One reason given is that a chariot was drawn to transport the imperfect statue to the constructed temple. Since the first journey was made in a chariot this became a part of the custom. According to the other legends, Subhadra wanted to visit Dwarka, her parents home. Therefore, her two brothers Jagannath and balabhadra took her there on this day. One legend says that Lord Jagannath is said to have voiced his longing to visit his birthplace Gundicha Ghar once yearly. Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabadhra and Subadhra travel in separate chariots. Lord jagannath rides a 14 metre high chariot with sixteen wheels. Each chariot resembles the temple at Puri.

Thousands of devotees pull these chariots by huge ropes to Gundicha Mandir. The day of the yatra resounds with the sounds of gongs, conch shells, trumpets and holy chants. The crowds are overcome with frenzy. Balabhadra the eldest brother rides first, followed by Subhadra and then Lord jagannath. After nine days, the idols are taken back to the Jagannath Temple in an identical Parade. The cityof Puri is dressed up for this day. A national holiday is declared. On that day good sweet are made and distributed.

Rath Yatra | Jagannath Festival In English
Rath Yatra | Jagannath Festival In English
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