Janmashtami Information In English

Janmashtami Information In English, Janmashtami is a festival celebrating the birth of lord Krishna. Janam means Birth and Ashtami means eight day. Janmashtami is celebrated on the eight day of the Krishna paksha in the month of Bhadrapad and it comes august/September. It is celebrated with great fervour and gaiety in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and other northern states.

Krishna temples all over the world celebrate this day with vibrant enthusiasm. Devotees observe a fast on this day. The temples are decorated on this occasion with tableau depicting scenes of krishna’s birth. An idol of Krishna in his bal or baby form is kept in a cradle and the devotees take turns pulling its string to rock the baby Krishna. On that day sweet meats prepared from milk and curd are eaten. Same day a game called dahi handi is played. A large clay pot filled with curd,milk,honey butter and fruits is hung at an inaccessible height and young boys come forward for reaching the hundi. They form a human pyramid by standing on each others. shoulders and don’t stop till they have reached the pot. When the human pyramid is being built, the others splash water trying to make the task of the climbers as difficult as possible.

History about Janmashtami

The eighth child of your sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva shall be responsible for your death. Warned a voice form the skies. The ruler of Mathura king kansa, was enraged. He was to be born to Devaki and Vasudeva as their son. Unfortunately, kansa was apprised of this by the voice in the sky. When the eighth child was born to Vasudeva and Devaki, the prison doors opened themselves and the guards fell into a deep sleep. The baby born on a rainy and windy night at the stroke of twelve. Suddenly, a voice from the skies boomed Vasudeva, carry this child across the river Yamuna to gokul where nanda lives. His wife yashoda has given birth to a baby girl just now. Replace your son with the girl and come back here. Vasudeva obeyed immediately.

After reaching gokul, Vasudeva explained the entire story to nanda and his wife yashoda. Vasudeva returned with the baby girl. Kansa hurriedly came to kill the baby girl. But the little baby girl slipped form his hand and was transformed into yogmaya, the Shakti or energy aspect of lord Vishnu. Meanwhile Devaki and vasudeva’s son grew up in nanda and yashoda’s home. He was called Krishna is the eight of the ten incarnations of lord vishna. When Krishna grew up he killed kansa, thus putting an and to his uncle’s evil rule.

Janmashtami Information In English
Janmashtami Information In English
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