Navratri Information In English

Navratri And Durga Puja.

Navratri Information In English, Navratri are nine auspicious day which are celebrated as the day of Goddess Durga. This festival occurs twice a year, at the change from winter to summer in the spring and again at the change from summer to winter in the autumn. The autumn festival is celebrated from the first day to the ninth day of the bright half of Ashwin , September-October… while the spring festival is celebrated in Chaitra, April-May. The two navratri celebrations are known as Ram-navaratri in Chaitra and Durga navaratri in Ashwin. This is the time to worship goddess durga.

Why we celebrate navratri and worship goddess Durga? It si believed that on this day, Goddess Durga killed the demon mahishasura and rid the world of his evils. The Devas were unable to match his invincibility and Mahishasura managed to seize devaloka, so the devas came together and created durga from their combined energies. They wanted durga to take on the challenge of vanquishing mahishasura. Durga promised the gods the battle between mahishasura and durga went on for nine days. And finally durga trampled mahishasura to death.

Why we celebrate Navratri?
In Bengal, it is called durga puja. Day and night celebrations take place. Goddess durga’s images here depicts a valiant ten handed goddess siting on a lion and holding a trident and killing the demon mahishasura lying at her feet.

On the ninth day, the idols are transported out in a procession to be immersed in a river or pond. The making of the idols also has some rules. The rules being that whatever goes into the making of these idols should have come out of the river ganga. So the idols are shaped with the fine clay from the bed of the ganges. This river is revered and considered to be the giver of life especially in west Bengal. That is why after nine days these idols are immersed into a nearby river or osean.

Navratri is also celebrated as a festival of nine auspicious nights in Gujarat. The most important feature of the Gujarat navratri’s are the dances. The dandiya and the garba dance shapes the most important activity during this festival and it is performed with great gusto by both man and women.

The festival is thus celebrated in different parts of india under different names but the underlying thought is the same, worship of goddess durga.

Navratri Information In English
Navratri Information In English
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